Why is this blog here?

Throughout my 23  years on planet Earth I have had the privilege and the pleasure to meet astounding people. From Victoria, to Ottawa, Singapore, Vancouver, London, and the innumerable stops in-between, the people I’ve met are the foundations of my experiences. Friends, family, students, colleagues, mentors, professors, supervisors, parents, role-models…you know who you are. Traveling would especially be incomplete without the thread of a story behind each of their smiles.

In a somewhat selfish way, this blog is a personal commitment of mine to share my own stories…but, I hope, by honouring the very people which form their foundation. In a practical sense, I hope I can share my journey with the friends, family, etc. I’ve (temporarily) left in various corners of the world.

In my past travels, I diligently kept a personal journal. I usually return with ticket stubs, old brochures, maps, receipts, and metro tokens falling out of the frustratingly small pocket in the back of my notebook. My laptop and Google drive are a mess of photos which only my parents are forced to endure. Most often, I only have a fleeting minute in the grocery store aisle or at the bus stop to summarize my ‘favourite country’ or ‘best day’. Instead, I present to you a collection of my journal’s random notes, musings, and anecdotes in a (hopefully) legible form.

This isn’t a blog solely about my life or travels. It isn’t a blog about my work, research, or development issues in Asia. Rather, in a circuitous manner I will attempt to speak to all these topics, and then some.

Thank you for reading along,


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