I’m currently pursuing a MSc. in Anthropology, Environment, and Development at the University College London. My dissertation research brought me to Uttarakhand in North India to better understand how nomadic and tribal communities are implicated in forest policy. In general, I’m interested in peoples’ relationships with the environment (around the globe!). Last year I worked as a Gender Advisor at AKRSP India based out of Ahmedabad, India.  And prior to India, I studied International Development at the University of Ottawa, with a 6 month stint at the National University of Singapore.  Are all these things connected?! The links are messy but certainly evident and I’d be happy to talk them through with you.

In 23 years I’ve traveled to 23 countries, but my roots will always be on the beautiful wild, west coast rock known as Vancouver Island. In Canada, I worked extensively in child and youth care as a camp leader, mentor, and coordinating leadership training for teens. Pretty passionate about the outdoors and all its related fun, plus cycling, reading, yoga, coffee, cats, and composting. Working on being better at rock climbing, photography, and re-discovering salsa dancing.

Why is this blog here?